Black Masterbatch

By Al Haddaf Plastic Industry

Black Masterbatch 1920 646

Product Description

Black Masterbatch is widely used in plastic industry for many economic benefits. Black Masterbatch is the compound of carbon blacks, carrier resin and some additives. Normally, it is used for coloration, reducing production costs and performance. In combination with latest additives, Black Master batch offers many other benefits for final products such as: jetness, UV protection, thermal stability, electrical conductivity, heat dissipation ect.



 Black Master batch covers applications such as:

– It tends to be better for irrigation pipes, agricultural tarpaulins in agriculture.

– In fiber & textiles applications, it produces less  of the negative characteristics of dyes in synthetic fiber.

– In packaging, this Masterbatch is suitable for coatings, injection and blowing sheets, blowing film.

– It will match well for applications of electronics such as mixers, blenders, washing machines in electric field.

– Our Black Masterbatch offers the perfect solution for producing technical parts in automotive too.


– It is easy to find out applications concerning with our product in construction such as: wires, cables, profiles and fittings, corrugated tubes ect.,

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