Colour Masterbatch

By Al Haddaf Plastic Industry

Color Masterbatch 1920 646

Product Description

Our masterbatch materials support all processing technologies, including blow molding, profile and sheet extrusion, injection molding, film and fibers. Color masterbatches are a concentrated mixture of pigments to which dispersants are added to ensure the optimal dispersion of these pigments in a carrier resin. The carrier resin is compatible with the plastic material in which it will be blended during molding. Our color masterbatches provide processors with a consistent, reliable and economical means to color raw polymer during the plastics manufacturing process.

All the color masterbatch we produce is custom formulated, using high- quality raw materials and sophisticated double-screw mixing technology. We have continually invested in state-of-the-art compounding equipment, including counter and co-rotating extruders, at both production locations.

Colorants are specified for an optimal price/performance ratio depending on the polymer, processing temperature, proofing (light, weather, migration), physiological harmlessness, the product's shelf life, tooling and processing technology, mixing and dosing - volumetric or gravimetric - techniques, warp tendency, and chemical resistance.

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